How Can I Make My Strings Last Longer?

When it comes to longevity of strings, there are many factors. The main factor being the type of string used. If you’re breaking strings regularly, then maybe you should be using a more durable string. If you’re using a synthetic gut, changing to a Polyester or Hybrid (Polyester mixed with a softer synthetic or multifilament) will allow your strings to last a bit longer. Strings like RPM Blast or Alu Power Rough are much stronger strings and will generally last much longer than some of the softer strings. 


If you’re happy with your strings, you just want them to last longer, then you need to look after them. Changes in temperature will negatively impact your strings - when they’re hot they expand, when they’re cold they contract. This change in temperature will make your strings last much less time than if they are stored at a consistent ambient temperature. So do not leave your rackets in the car. We’ve all done it, leave your rackets in the car then you’ve always got them for an impromptu game, or they’re ready for next weeks club night. But during the day they get hot, and overnight they get cold. - this temperature change is what destroys your strings. Have you noticed the foil lined main pocket of your tennis bag? This helps reduce the impact of temperature  on your strings - make sure you put your rackets in this pocket!