Badminton Stringing Information

Below is all of the information you will need to be able to make the right decision on how we can make your racket perfect for you.

String Tension

String tension is extremely important, the tension dictates how your strings play.




With loose strings you get more power. The looser the strings, the more power you get. However, you do sacrifice control and feel. The looser the strings, the less control and touch/feel you'll get. You'll get more vibrations, and less 'feedback' from the shuttle. If you struggle getting depth in the court, hitting those deep shots, clearing to the back of the court, then maybe you need looser strings.


Power and Control


With mid-tension strings you get the best of both worlds. You get power and control. You get a good amount of touch and feel as well. We recommend mid-tension for most players. If you're not sure what you want, if you don't know if you need more power or control, or if you simply want a bit of both, mid-tension is best for you.




With tight strings you get more control. The tighter the strings, the more control and feel you get. However, the tighter the strings, the less power and depth you'll get. Tight strings give you more touch and feel - this means you get maximum 'feedback' from the shuttle, and is ideal for those drop shots and net plays. Tight strings are great if you struggle to get those drop shots short enough, or if you struggle with control in your shots. However, tighter strings do tend to break quicker.

What String Should I Choose?

Badminton strings vary massively from one to another, the choice of string is an important one, as each one will affect your game differently. Different strings have different characteristics, including: Durability, Control, Power, Touch, Feel etc. From the descriptions below, decide which one would best suit your game.

Yonex BG65Ti


BG65Ti is by far the most popular string in Badminton. It is designed for control and durability. It's multifilament construction is coated with a Hydro Titanium compound that increases the durability, while also creating a unique feel. BG65Ti is a great string for players of all abilities.


Yonex BG80 Power


BG80 Power is a powerful badminton string that has a hard feel and great tension retention. This means that those strings will stay the right tension for longer, and still give you a crisp, solid feel. High Modulus Vectran Fibre is coiled around the multifilament construction, which reduces the string movement, therefore allowing the string to hold its tension for longer.


Babolat iFeel 70


iFeel 70 is great for players who break strings. They are extremely durable and have great power and feel. It is a multifilament string thats elasticity provides a great level of comfort and power. If you're a player who breaks strings often, or is looking for a durable string that provides that added power, this is the string for you.