Squash Stringing Information

Below is all of the information you will need to be able to make the right decision on how we can make your racket perfect for you.

String Tension

String tension is extremely important, the tension dictates how your strings play.




With loose strings you get more power. The looser the strings, the more power you get. However, you do sacrifice control and feel. The looser the strings, the less control and touch/feel you'll get. You'll get more vibrations, and less 'feedback' from the ball. If you struggle getting depth in the court, hitting those deep shots into the corners, then maybe you need looser strings.


Power and Control


With mid-tension strings you get the best of both worlds. You get power and control. You get a good amount of touch and feel as well. We recommend mid-tension for most players. If you're not sure what you want, if you don't know if you need more power or control, or if you simply want a bit of both, mid-tension is best for you.




With tight strings you get more control. The tighter the strings, the more control and feel you get. However, the tighter the strings, the less power and depth you'll get. Tight strings give you more touch and feel - this means you get maximum 'feedback' from the ball, and is ideal for those drop shots and short balls. Tight strings are ideal if you struggle to get those drop shots short enough, or if you struggle with control in your shots. However, tighter strings do tend to break quicker.

What String Should I Choose?

Squash strings vary massively from one to another, the choice of string is an important one, as each one will affect your game differently. Strings can provide: Power, spin, control, feel, touch, durability, low vibrations, or a combination of a few of these. Below is some information about the specific strings to choose from.

Wilson Sensation Strike


Sensation Strike has a liquid crystalline wrap which surrounds nylon fibres. This creates a string with an incredible amount power, while having a crisp, firm feel. This means you can smash your opponent off the court, while also having the touch and feel to produce those 'Sensational' short balls and drop shots.


Tecnifibre 305 Green


This string has got to be one of the most popular strings in Squash. If you follow squash, you'll see many pros using the famous green coloured strings. Tecnifibre 305 is a multifilament that provides an immense amount of power and comfort, but another great characteristic of this string, is the incredible shock absorption. If you would like a soft, comfortable, powerful string, that is kinder to your arm than most, then this is the one for you.


Head Perfect Power


Perfect power is a multifilament that provides, as you would expect, perfect power. Although the distinguishing feature of this string is the anti-abrasion coating which provides extra durability, so those strings can last even longer. Perfect Power provides superior power, maximum feel, extra comfort, and increased durability.


Prince Duraflex Squash


Prince Duraflex is a special kind of synthetic gut due to it's durability. Synthetic guts are often softer and easier to break than other strings, however Duraflex is made up of a synthetic gut with an aramid wrap. It has an extra layer that wraps around the string that makes it much stronger and longer-lasting than other synthetics. This wrap also makes this string slightly firmer than other synthetics, meaning you get slightly more feel and touch.